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Brandon Proctor

Brandon Proctor recently took the reigns as CEO Ice.com, after he and other partners of a private equity fund acquired the business. Brandon is a data driven individual, who has a background in marketing and analytics. He was formerly the VP of Marketing/CMO for Build.com (one of the largest ecommerce companies in the US) and was instrumental in adding new metrics and business processes to their marketing team. He helped grow the company over 5x revenue in 5 years. He is strong voice in the marketing and analytics community, and has been instrumental in developing strategic partnerships with new and innovative technologies. Brandon is a regular speaker at many industry events. He believes in the customer and in giving them the voice to drive innovation and design for the industry.

“We will make a traditionally complicated process of selecting quality jewelry and accessories frictionless through personalized customer service and an on-site experience that transforms the intimidating to a comfortable and easy checkout people can trust.”

We are putting together some of the best and most sophisticated minds in ecommerce/retail to create the most innovative and customer focused buying experience for Jewelry on internet. We truly believe that given the right focus and direction Ice.com will grow to be a household name that people trust and prefer for all of their jewelry needs. Stay tuned as we transform the experience over the coming months and years.

...more updates to come.