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Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings

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About Diamond Earrings at Ice

There's earrings and then there's diamond earrings. Earrings with quiet confidence (kind of rubs off when you're wearing them, don't you think?). A pair of diamond earrings is a whisper, not a shout. Gorgeous in gold and stunning in silver, they're the genuine article, the real McCoy, fit for any woman on any occasion.

Special outing planned? Dare you to find a formal event where a pair of princess cut diamond studs aren't just the most appropriate accessory you've ever put on. Feel like making a fashion statement? No need to send a telegram when you've got some black diamond hoops in your personality arsenal (a.k.a. jewelry box). Feeling playful? Nothing says playtime like pink diamond solitaires. Out of reach? Not at all. Big and small, at we've got 'em all, for less than you'd expect (and that's the sort of surprise we don't mind springing on you).