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Diamonds 101

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Do you really know what the four C's are? Learn the difference between a marquise and princess diamond. Discover how VVS differs from VS when it comes to clarity. Discover what “cut” means beyond shape and size.

Find out everything you need to know about cut, colour, carat and clarity to help you buy the perfect sparkle.

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Gold and Platinum 101

Which metal is more rare - gold or platinum? Which one is heavier? Learn the difference between white gold and yellow gold and 14k vs. 18k. And get the answer to the age-old question: white gold or platinum wedding rings?

Get all you need to know to purchase the perfect gold or platinum jewelry, and how to care for it so it sparkles like new every time you wear it.

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Pearls 101

There's a lot to learn about pearls before buying a set. Cultured vs. natural? Round or oval? Big or small? Pink or black? Choker or collar style necklace?

Learn about all the different types of pearls, the sizes they come in, the best length necklace for your fashionista tastes, and the stunning colours to choose from.

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