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Pearl Necklaces

Pearl Necklaces

About Pearl Necklaces at Ice

What can you wear while cleaning the house, attending a fancy party or while working in the office? That's right, a pearl necklace. The fact that you can wear the same type of jewelry to many different occasions says a lot about the versatility of pearls. Is there anywhere you'd look out of place with a pearl necklace? We don't think so and neither should you.

The single strand is a must-have jewelry box item, but don't stop there. How about a stunning double strand necklace or adding a little color to your pearls? Ice carries pink, black and brown pearl necklaces too.

Looking for something a little more different and unique? We've got gold beads, Swarovski crystals and aquamarine chips to spice up a string of pearls here at Ice. We also carry every type of pearl from Akoya to Tahitian varieties. Our jewelry experts have put together an easy to read pearl education list just for you.