Bundle your colocation needs with ICE Global Network turn-key services in strategic trading centers across the U.S., Canada and Europe.

  • Hosting: We provide a range of space and power options within shared or dedicated environments, with cabinets fully managed by ICE Global Network. Each cabinet comes with the network stack, simplifying customers’ time to market. Along with connectivity to local markets, our hosting solution offers additional services a la carte, including access to 150+ markets, private bandwidth and secure VPN for remote access.
  • Premium hosting: In key locations, we leverage Layer 1 switching technology to offer ultra-low-latency access to local market data and order entry gateways. Discover premium hosting
  • Timing services: ICE offers timing services as part of its hosting offering in select locations, allowing customers to accurately monitor market activity and timestamp their order flow. Learn more about our timing services
Location Country Hosting Premium Hosting Timing Services
350 Cermak U.S.
Aurora U.S.
Basildon U.K.
Equinix FR2 Germany
Equinix LD4 U.K. 2021 2021
Equinix NY4 (Secaucus) U.S. 2021 2021
Equinix NY11 (Carteret) U.S. 2021 2021
Equinix TR2 Canada
Interxion London U.K.
Markham Canada

Premium Hosting

Our premium hosting solution provides trading participants with ultra-low-latency access to the local markets for both multicast data and order flow. Using Layer 1 technology based on FPGA and crossbar switching, our solution is designed to shorten unicast traffic latency and offer fairness, flexibility and resiliency.


Latency performance

Type of TrafficLowest one-way latency achieved by ICE*
Multicast Market Data5ns
Unicast Northbound55ns
Unicast Southbound80ns

* Excludes final patch cord - Please consult your IGN Sales Representative for detailed latency figures per location and type of traffic

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