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ICE Futures Singapore Building

Asia Volume Report

November 2023 Highlights

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Markets: ICE Futures Singapore

A Growing Focus on Climate-Related Financial Risks

In this three-part series, we use ICE’s climate solutions to explore two dimensions of climate risk that are relevant when performing climate scenario analysis: physical climate risk (risk from physical hazards like floods and hurricanes) and transition climate risk (risk from the transition away from fossil fuels to a low-carbon economy).

Top 25 ICE Futures Contracts - During Asian Hours

Product DescriptionExchange CodeADV for Asian HoursTotal ADV
Three Month Euro (Euribor) FutureIFLL106,5211,186,247
ICE Brent Crude FuturesIFEU64,9991,040,621
Three Month SONIAIFLL20,974450,593
Low Sulphur Gasoil FuturesIFEU13,662288,081
Dutch TTF Natural Gas FuturesNDEX10,227261,658
ICE WTI Crude FuturesIFEU9,277266,559
Dutch TTF Gas SpotNDEX7,02730,570
MSCI Emerging Markets Index FuturesIFUS6,41790,636
Natural Gas NYMEX LD1 FuturesIFED5,659457,352
ICE Brent Crude Futures SettlementIFEU4,80447,950
FTSE 100 - Stnd Index FutureIFLL4,72692,807
Dubai 1st Line FuturesIFEU4,54240,718
Brent Crude Futures Singapore Minute MarkerIFEU3,3167,000
Dubai 1st Line (Platts) Futures TAP MOCIFEU2,8813,374
Brent 1st Line vs Dubai 1st Line FuturesIFEU2,75224,597
NYBOT US Dollar IndexIFUS2,37216,930
NYBOT Cotton No. 2IFUS2,15746,599
Singapore Gasoil (Platts) FuturesIFEU1,97814,181
Singapore Mogas 92 Unleaded (Platts) FuturesIFEU1,91414,468
Canola FuturesIFUS1,77234,609
EUA FuturesNDEX1,61039,028
Three Month ESTR Indexed FutureIFLL1,16018,204
Murban Crude Oil Futures Singapore Minute MarkerIFAD1,0491,514
Three Month SARON Index FutureIFLL96625,430

Asian Trading Hours: 12:00 a.m. - 07:59:59 a.m. GMT

Top Performing ICE Contracts - YoY % Growth

Product DescriptionExchange CodeADVLast YearYoY%
Three Month Euro (Euribor) FutureIFLL1,186,247990,84719.72%
ICE Brent Crude FuturesIFEU1,040,621944,77010.15%
Natural Gas NYMEX LD1 FuturesIFED457,352364,12625.60%
Three Month SONIAIFLL450,593255,00776.70%
Low Sulphur Gasoil FuturesIFEU288,081218,02032.13%
Long Gilt FutureIFLL279,950216,14829.52%
ICE WTI Crude FuturesIFEU266,559192,37338.56%
Dutch TTF Natural Gas FuturesNDEX261,65893,587179.59%
Natural Gas Firm Physical, Gas Daily DailyOTC250,442243,2112.97%
Natural Gas Firm Physical, Fixed PriceOTC159,093183,383-13.25%
Firm-LD Off-Peak, LD1 for PhysicalOTC138,70087,83657.91%
NGX NG Firm Phys FUT, Fixed PriceOTC135,409207,401-34.71%
Firm-LD Peak, LD1 for PhysicalOTC128,994165,063-21.85%
Firm-LD Around The Clock, LD1 for PhysicalOTC113,176355,086-68.13%
NGX NG Firm Phys FUT NYMEX LD1OTC104,94937,794177.69%
Natural Gas Firm Physical, Inside FERCOTC102,917101,6461.25%
Natural Gas Basis NYMEX LD1 for Inside FERC FuturesIFED98,05896,4201.70%
NYBOT Sugar No. 11IFUS94,686123,596-23.39%
FTSE 100 - Stnd Index FutureIFLL92,807102,241-9.23%
Firm-LD Around The ClockOTC90,840170,383-46.68%
MSCI Emerging Markets Index FuturesIFUS90,636126,497-28.35%
NGX NG Firm Phys FUT, 7A Month Ahead IndexOTC85,19855,86752.50%
ICE Heating Oil FuturesIFEU73,24564,10514.26%
Natural Gas NYMEX LD1 Futures ICE LotsIFED66,00243,76450.81%
Firm-LD PeakOTC62,25120,305206.59%

IFEU - ICE Futures Europe

IFLL - ICE Futures Europe - Financial Products Division

NDEX - ICE Endex

IFUS - ICE Futures US

IFLX - ICE Futures Europe - Agricultural Products Division

IFED - ICE Futures Energy Derivatives