The .ICE registry is a closed top-level domain name reserved for the sole and exclusive use by ICE. This registry page provides information and policies about the .ICE registry. If you'd like more information about registered .ICE domains, you can do so by using the WHOIS search.

Should you wish to register a network abuse complaint, please contact [email protected].

Intercontinental Exchange® (ICE) was founded in 2000 to digitize the energy markets and provide greater price transparency. We’ve been transforming markets, products and processes ever since. By combining our world class technology with our leading data services and operating expertise, we add transparency and enable customer efficiency gains that advance both our networks and solutions for our customers.

Driving transformation

It is this consistent and strategic approach that has propelled our expansion from a small technology network serving the U.S. power industry just over two decades ago, into a global enterprise that operates networks across the major asset classes.

As our electronic markets and demand for clearing grew, access to new sources of information became central to our customers and data has increasingly become the lifeblood of markets. We saw this evolution and consistently we advanced our capabilities, building a data business which is complementary to every part of our solution.

ICE’s unique digital networks combine expertise, data and technology, to connect people to opportunity