International Oil Trader Academy - CLASSROOM

ICE Education and partners have combined their expertise to provide an innovative and practical programme covering all aspects of the physical crude oil, products and traded derivatives market through our market leading Oil Trader Academy.

With the global oil markets being subject to extreme volatility and change due to a series of geopolitical events, this is the ideal time and opportunity to understand the drivers of oil price movements and tools at your disposal to protect against and trade around your organisations market position.

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Course Information

Price £8,500 + VAT
Duration 10 days
Location London
Available Dates
Oct 14 2024  Register Now

Who Should Attend

This programme will appeal to those new to crude oil trading or those working in roles linked to the markets like: refiners, economists, analysts portfolio managers, risk managers, operations managers, brokers and other related front, middle and back office staff who need to understand the core aspects of how the physical and paper oil markets link together.

Booking Information

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7065 7706

Course Content

This course is split into two modules. Delegates can register for the full two week programme, or one of the individual modules:

Module 1: Physical Crude & Products Trading

Module 2: Trading Simulations, Physical Crude & Product Trading, Refineries and Options.

Active trading simulation is an inherent part of each module, but for Module 2 you will be sitting at a fully operational trading desk and playing a series of 'trading games' to help you gain first hand experience and knowledge of the trading environment. The experienced course team are always on hand to provide the mentoring support to ensure you get the most from this element of the course.

As an outcome from the full programme you will:

  • Review crude oil supply, demand and products
  • Understand crude oil refining, evaluation and selection
  • Explore physical and derivative oil markets, shipping and contracts
  • Appreciate pricing formation, trading and price risk management
  • Learn about futures, swaps, options and over- the-counter markets
  • Become familiar with trading techniques and terminology
  • Participate in trading and hedging simulation exercises and improve negotiation skills

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