Energy Derivatives Workshop

This workshop is aimed at delegates who wish to gain detailed insight into the characteristics of the most widely traded energy derivative instruments, together with their potential for hedging and risk management. This course covers futures and over-the-counter markets.

Course Information

Price £1,850 + VAT
Duration 2 days
Location London
Available Dates
Oct 09 2024  Register Now

Who Should Attend

This two-day course is recommended for anyone, including junior traders and

brokers, who would like to improve his/her knowledge and understanding of

energy derivatives and their uses.

  • Oil, gas and electricity dealers
  • Trading, risk management and financial departments of oil, gas and

electricity companies

  • Exploration, production, transportation and refining departments of oil and

gas companies

  • Energy-producing, supply and distribution companies
  • Government departments dealing with energy issues
  • Major energy consuming businesses

Booking Information

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7065 7706

Course Content

Review of the basic concepts: Terminology, pricing, trading

Trading markets: Futures, Swaps and CFD's, EFP, EFS and triggers, Dated, spot and cash markets, Forward market

Risk management: Hedging, Basis risk, Workshops

Trading strategies: Time spreads, Crack Spreads, Arbitrage

Trading platform: Demonstration

Day 1

  • Physical markets
  • Forward markets
  • Futures markets
  • Hedging

Day 2

  • Spread trading
  • Basis trading
  • Swaps
  • EFP, EFS and trigger
  • Pricing
  • Market prices and reading the market