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NYSE Digital Leaders: Cybersecurity 2022

January 18, 2022

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With a new year, comes new threats, including more sophisticated cyber-attacks on both the public and private sector. Knowing which technologies to invest in, where to evolve your response tactics, and what to look out for is top of mind for all enterprises.

Join us as we are led by ICE/NYSE CISO, Steve Pugh, in a conversation with the CEOs of SentinelOne, Netskope, and ForgeRock. Find out how these security leaders are innovating to combat evolving threats, supporting their customers through the attack lifecycle, and which technologies from AI, to cloud, and edge-computing could both challenge and safeguard global business.


Past Events

Digital Leaders: The Future of Fintech

September 23, 2021

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With the growth of autonomous finance, and digital assets, as well as many customers and businesses embracing more technology, comes opportunities to mix payment rails old and new. In this session, join top leadership from Bank of America, Visa, and Circle in interactive discussions with Yahoo Finance Anchor, Julie Hyman. Hear how these firms are investing in the future, how they are supporting their customers to pay and bank smarter, and how technologies like AI, mobile, digital assets, and blockchain may push the payments and banking industry forward.


Opening Remarks

Guest Speakers

Julie Hyman
Anchor, Yahoo Finance

Bonnie Hyun
Head of Technology Capital Markets, NYSE

Cathy Bessant
Vice Chair Global Strategy, Bank of America

Jeremy Allaire
Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Circle

Terry Angelos
SVP & Global Head of Crypto and Fintech, Visa

Digital Leaders: Helping SMBs Thrive

February 24, 2021

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Small and medium-sized businesses are the main engine for economic growth in America and their success, specifically over the last year, has proved essential. In this session, join the CEOs of GoDaddy, Bill.com, and General Counsel at Square, Inc. for an interactive discussion with NYSE’s Bonnie Hyun on how tech is helping this sector thrive. Learn about out how these companies are supporting businesses through the pandemic, what they're focused on now, and what innovations are leading them into the future.


Opening Remarks

Guest Speakers

Bonnie Hyun
Head of Technology Capital Markets,

John Tuttle
Vice Chairman and Chief Commercial Officer, NYSE

Aman Bhutani
CEO, GoDaddy

René Lacerte
CEO and Founder, Bill.com

Sivan Whiteley
General Counsel, Square, Inc.