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In 2000, we noticed a need for electronic trading that could bring transparency and accessibility to the global markets. So we built it. And, when we started noticing other tools our customers needed, we kept building.

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How We Do It

Through the strategic creation of a global infrastructure, we’ve positioned ourselves to provide markets and clearing services in the jurisdictions our clients want to do business.

Why we do it

We believe in providing our customers transparent access to global markets, and we make it our mission to deliver that – whether it means listing on the New York Stock Exchange to generate capital or turning to ICE futures markets to manage price and counterparty risk.

Corporate Citizenship

At Intercontinental Exchange, sustainability means being an advocate and resource on sustainability best practices for our issuers, and being a leader in developing the world’s carbon markets.

The energy to move ICE forward

We're comprised of hundreds of individuals dedicated to developing and supporting a leading global marketplace. Our work environment is a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for the business and for serving customers.

Why should you join us

We're committed to providing a comprehensive and competitive benefits package in each market in which we operate to ensure employees' health, well-being and financial security.