Charting & Technical Analysis for Commodity Markets: VIRTUAL DELIVERY

This virtual course is delivered over 3 mornings as a series of twelve 45 minute sessions with short breaks. Great emphasis is placed upon the practical application of this form of analysis to trading and hedging activities i.e. how does a trader think? Real-time examples and real-world trading tools are used throughout the course. Delegates will be provided with logins to ICE Connect - a cutting-edge application that provides futures data and charting tools, along with a wide array of other analytical utilities. In addition to providing data from ICE itself, prices from other exchanges are also available. A key element of this course is learning to be 'asset agnostic'. The methods you will learn in this course will apply to soft commodities, energy, metals and agricultural markets.

Start Times Days 1 - 3: 08.30 London - 12.30 Dubai - 16.30 Singapore
End Times Days 1 - 3: 12.30 London - 15.30 Dubai - 19.30 Singapore

This virtual course is one of the ICE Education LIVE programs. We provide three phases to the course:
1. Pre-course: Access to the ICE Education learning platform for on-demand primer content.
2. Live Virtual Sessions: Trainer led live video sessions (as per the outline below). These are short focused sessions with practical activity and interaction throughout.
3. Post-course: On-demand content remains available and an optional live video clinic session is scheduled for one week post course for any learning points you'd like to revisit.
All course payments must be received one day prior to the start date

Course Information

Price £1,850 + VAT
Duration 3 days
Location Virtual: EMEA /AsianTime Zone
Available Dates
Nov 26 2024  Register Now

Who Should Attend

  • Recommended for anyone who would like to gain an understanding of the principles and applications of charting techniques
  • Futures and options brokers or dealers
  • Trading companies, banks, brokers, commodity producers, consumers, refiners, distribution and storage companies
  • Market regulators and government departments
  • Fund managers and investors

Booking Information

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7065 7706

Course Content

  • Session 1 - Technical Analysis Basics

- Technical analysis 'thinking'

o History and evolution of charting

o The journey from ticker-tape to big data

o Patterns vs numbers - 'every picture tells a story'

o Human behaviour and psychology

  • Session 2 - Using a Quote Vendor

- An introduction to ICE Connect

o Familiarisation with the screen

o Overview of various markets

o Types of chart - hourly, daily, weekly, continuation

o Volumes and Open Interest

  • Session 3 - Technical Analysis Basics (continued)

- Building and executing a battle plan

o An introduction to Wave Theory - Fibonacci

o Applying Wave Theory to different assets / timeframes

- Dow Theory

o Charles Henry Dow - what did he tell us?

o The principles of trends

o The importance of confirmation

o "Prices discount everything" - learning to ignore fundamentals

  • Session 4 - Building a Chart

- Everything starts with trends and levels

- Identifying support and resistance (floors and ceilings)

o Long-term, medium-term, short-term levels

o Understanding the relevance of each timeframe

- Identifying trend lines

o Uptrends and downtrends

o Trend channels

- Seeking confirmation of trends

o Data points, volumes

o The trend is your friend - "go with the trend"

o Breaking trends - understanding when the tide is turning

  • Session 5 - Practical Applications

- Q&A session and exercises. Applying what we've learnt to live markets on ICE Connect

o Find the important levels

o Identify the trends

  • Session 6 - Expanding Our View

- How to study the data

o Candlesticks and bar charts

o Hammer and Hanging Man

o Engulfing patterns

o Stars and gaps

  • Session 7 - Searching for Price Targets

- Continuation patterns

o Consolidation - congestion, or building for the next move?

o Flags, Pennants and Triangles - what do they tell us?

o Acting decisively on the break

o Profit targets and stop losses

  • Session 8 - Widening the Scope

- Further data and information

o Seasonal patterns in commodities

o 5, 10, 15, 20-year averages

o Seasonal patterns in calendar spreads

o Commitment of Trader Report - ICE Connect: graphical study

  • Session 9 - Identifying a Change of Direction in the Market

- Reversal patterns

o Double tops and bottoms

o Head and Shoulder patterns

o Fibonacci retracement revisited

  • Session 10 - Practical Applications

- Q&A session and exercises. Applying what we've learnt to live markets on ICE Connect

o Find continuation patterns

o Identify double tops and bottoms

  • Session 11 - Mathematical Indicators

- Trend following indicators

o Understanding the theory of moving averages

o Types of moving average

o Searching for the relevant timeframe

o Identifying trends and trend-breaks

  • Session 12 - Mathematical Indicators (continued)

- Momentum indicators

o Understanding overbought and oversold conditions


o Bollinger Bands (and discussion on option volatility)

o Relative Strength Index

o Slow Stochastics