Integration with Refinitiv’s

Real-Time Distribution System

Our high performance, real-time feed provides efficient access to aggregated data and content from 600+ sources worldwide. It also offers integration with Refinitiv’s Real-Time Distribution System (RTDS) to power trading applications and desktops across the front, middle and back office. You’ll find an expertly designed RTDS feed handler and technical support to integrate into your RTDS environment, using the existing DACS permissioning capabilities to help make your transition seamless.


Deep Experience
Connectivity and technology expertise to support a range of latency requirements.
Flexible Terms
Independent and transparent contracts providing full cost predictability, achieving reduced cost of ownership.
Customer Support
Access a structured, customized and project-managed process from proof of concept to production roll-out.


Exchange Specific Field Mappings
Data mapped from an ICE format into the RTDS Open Message Model (OMM) and Market Feed formats.
Native Symbology Support
Supports standard symbology for RTS Symbol, CUSIP, ISIN, SEDOL and Bloomberg Ticker.
Advanced Integration
Integrates with RTDS capabilities such as DACS, Load Balancing, Hot Standby, Recovery/Failover and Conflation.
Custom Symbology Mapping

Generic symbology mapping capability allows you to map existing symbology into symbols our feed can understand.

Solution architecture

Solution architecture

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