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Confirmations as fast as your trades

Our industry-leading electronic trade confirmation service provides fast, accurate and legally binding confirmations for the OTC market.

  • Patented Technology: Widely adopted by leading banks, energy marketers, utilities, hedge funds and brokers worldwide (200+ global customer base)
  • Instant & Paperless: Achieve regulatory timely confirmation requirements with confirmation matched and legally executed within seconds or minutes, not days
  • Global Reach: Confirm trades in North America, Asia, and European markets around the clock
  • On & Off Facility: Confirm trades executed through the ICE trading platform or on other venues, via voice brokers, or directly between counterparties
  • Confidential & Secure: Leverages our high performance, secure and fully-audited systems
  • Flexible Architecture: Trade input and export via web-form, file upload or direct system interface (XML API)
  • Seamless integration with Trade Vault, ICE’s global, cross-asset trade repository

Comprehensive Market Coverage

North America Europe Asia
Financial Oil & Refined Products Financial Oil & Refined Products Financial Oil & Refined Products
Financial Power UK Physical Power
Financial Natural Gas Base & Precious metals Base & Precious Metals
Physical Power Natural Gas
Financial Natural Gas UK Physical Natural Gas
Physical Natural Gas Liquids UK Financial Power
Physical Oil Financial Natural Gas Financial Natural Gas
Physical Natural Gas UK Financial Natural Gas
Emissions Continental Physical Natural Gas
Financial Agricultures Continental Physical Power
Base & Precious Metals Continental Financial Power
Physical Coal Emissions
Weather Financial Agricultures

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