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Giving Back

Supporting the Communities Where We Live and Work

We believe that it’s important to make a difference by helping others in our communities. We pursue that goal through financial support and volunteering our time and talents. Our philanthropic efforts reach a diverse set of causes driven by our employees, customers and the communities in which we live.

Financial Education

Financial education is the cornerstone of our charitable efforts, including these programs:

In London, we are working with Young Money to help six primary schools become Centres of Excellence in Financial Education, which includes teacher training and the creation of a detailed financial education curriculum integrated across classes.

We work with digital education provider Everfi to deploy the NYSE Future Investors Program to more than 4,500 students in California, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts and New York. The curriculum, which was developed by learning experts and is delivered with teacher training, covers financial literacy basics, investing and data science.

We support several Junior Achievement programs, including national and New York-based business competitions for high school students and financial literacy programs for middle school and high school students in the greater Atlanta area.

Featured programs