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About ICE/Sustainability at ICE/Sustainable Stock Exchange Statement

Sustainable Stock Exchange Statement

Intercontinental Exchange and its subsidiary, the New York Stock Exchange, support the efforts of publicly traded companies to be long-term responsible corporate citizens and stewards of stockholder resources. It may be beneficial to share with stockholders and other stakeholders information on a company’s corporate responsibility efforts by disclosing relevant environmental, social and governance indicators tied to a company’s business strategy.

Companies earn the trust of stockholders by delivering financial returns, coupled with responsible stewardship of resources. As a member of the Sustainable Stock Exchange (SSE) Initiative, ICE supports the efforts of the SSE and of NYSE-listed companies to provide ongoing communications and information regarding the quality and quantity of disclosures relating to relevant sustainability matters. These efforts may contribute to transparency for all stakeholders.

— Statement in Support of the SSE

More information on the NYSE’s sustainability resources for listed companies