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Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2023

An impactful first year for the NYSE Institute

From John Tuttle, NYSE Vice Chair, NYSE Institute President

When we first announced the NYSE Institute’s launch a little more than a year ago, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Members from all parts of our community immediately understood the power of codifying the New York Stock Exchange’s efforts in global affairs and policy in support of our listed companies and markets.

Since that time, the NYSE has been at the center of many of the biggest policy issues of the day, from the war in Ukraine to the federal debt-limit debate, the future of our markets to collaboration with exchanges across the globe. By the numbers, it’s been quite a first year for the Institute.

The NYSE has hosted delegations from more than 30 countries and met with seven current heads of state. Our in-person programs have brought more than 1,500 attendees to the NYSE, including nearly 500 representing our listed companies. We have welcomed to 11 Wall Street four U.S. cabinet secretaries, met in person with one-quarter of the U.S. Senate, commented on six SEC or PCAOB rulemakings, and signed memorandums of understanding with five global exchanges.

Numbers alone, though, don’t fully capture the NYSE’s impact over the past year. The NYSE is the destination for world leaders and government officials who wish to reach the global business community and the Institute’s work has underscored this unique position.

When Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy needed to appeal for the world’s economic support, he gave a speech from the NYSE. When U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy sought to kick off debate on the federal debt ceiling, he addressed the nation from 11 Wall Street. When Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wanted the global business community’s feedback on the administration’s China policy, she visited the exchange. When Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida wanted to outline his economic plan for Japan, he spoke from our Board Room.

“For inspiration, we need look no farther than to the dynamism of NYSE, which remains ever-vibrant, ever-renewing and ever-changing,” Kishida said during his remarks. World leaders. Local officials. Republicans. Democrats. The NYSE provides a platform for those seeking to share ideas on issues that matter.

Since our July 2022 launch, the NYSE has continued working to shape the world around us. Our collaborations with global exchanges, for example, have resulted in the introduction of active ETF listings in Japan. At home, we have worked with regulators to craft key rules that govern our markets. We have traveled on the road to host half a dozen roundtables for issuers on public company issues such as clawbacks, SEC climate disclosures and proxy advisors, with more to come. Our policy newsletter for listed companies now reaches an active readership of nearly 10,000.

Next month, the United Nations General Assembly convenes in New York City, and we have been hard at work creating activities around this annual diplomatic gathering. Stay tuned for much more from the NYSE Institute. We are just getting started!