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Insight Series

The Future of Fixed Income Electronification

A Regional Series

The electronification of fixed income markets is accelerating. New regulation, the explosion of data, reaction to COVID-led volatility, and demand for greater efficiency will continue to drive change.

Join us alongside industry experts for an interactive series of regionally-focused sessions to discuss these trends.

How is the market changing?

We’ll highlight which segments of the bond market we are seeing the highest use of automation vs. those that are still largely analogue. We’ll dissect the need for increased efficiency and the rise in automated execution protocols, real-time data demand, and more.

Inputs for a streamlined workflow

What data does the market need to operate more efficiently? We’ll look at how actionable data drives pre-trade discovery and fuels algorithms to support a variety of workflows.

Where does the market go from here?

Which factors will propel bond markets towards greater electronification, and what are the key trends? To what extent will a hybrid approach, balancing human and automated connectivity, look to be the norm?

Past Events

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The Asia-Pacific Market
The European Market
The Portfolio Trading Boom: Changing the way bond markets do business
The U.S. Market

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