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As a premier market data solution for futures options portfolio management and risk analysis, OptionSource® helps you manage risk in volatile commodities markets. This easy-to-use application allows for monitoring complex options positions and graphically viewing how strategies react to changes in market price, volatility and more. OptionSource offers a complete set of tools designed for analyzing an options portfolio’s profit and loss potential, as well as managing risk on the portfolio. It gives traders, brokers and analysts the ability to understand the pre-trade and post-trade risk characteristics of a portfolio and to perform “what-if” scenarios to best understand the performance of a position or trading strategy under varying market conditions.

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OptionSource Overview

OptionSource provides a flexible workspace environment and is designed to enable customization of a real-time position page and associated risk analysis tools. The position page is the centerpiece of OptionSource and allows for tracking of any individual option or options portfolio in real time. It comes with a completely flexible set of capabilities:

  • Customizable data fields, calculations and volatility settings, as well as display settings and themes
  • Easy entry and update of options strike prices to set up and modify your portfolio or strategy
  • Controllable market update modes for true “what-if” calculations on your portfolio or trading strategy
  • The functionality to duplicate positions or strategies and apply different “what-if” conditions

The risk analysis module allows for the analysis of the effects of market conditions and price changes over time on an options portfolio. It gives you the ability to perform real-time analyses on simple or complex option portfolios and to view the data in graphical and/or data table formats.

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