Trade Vault

With direct access to core commodity and financial market infrastructure, Trade Vault simplifies work flows and trade data reporting requirements for market participants, helping customers achieve efficient and cost-effective compliance with evolving regulations.

Widely adopted by leading banks, trading companies and end users, the Trade Vault application connects to a range of institutions, including clearing houses, exchanges, middleware platforms and electronic trade confirmation services (including eConfirm), allowing you to leverage existing workflows and connectivity to fulfill your reporting obligations across North America, Europe and Asia.

Simplified Regulatory Reporting Across the Globe

Seamless Integration with Our Front-End Technology

How It Works

As the most qualified swap data and trade repository for core energy and commodity markets, Trade Vault:

  • Leverages connectivity to a range of market infrastructural institutions, including Designated Clearing Organizations, Swap Execution Facilities, and Organized Market Places
  • Uses eConfirm as the front-end application for counterparties to submit data, thereby enabling market participants to continue using their long-established connectivity solutions
  • Distributes real-time trade data to market participants and provides historical data for online viewing and access
  • Participants will control permissions for regulatory reporting purposes as well
  • Features a high-performance, scalable data warehouse and reporting platform

Regulatory Benefits

Trade Vault is a single user interface that fulfills a full range of global regulatory reporting obligations through one application. From a regulatory perspective, Trade Vault:

  • Is already registered to provide trade repository services under CFTC's Dodd-Frank and EMIR, the Eastern Canadian Provincial Rules and Policies, and ACER's REMIT as a Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM)
  • Will keep abreast of developments in Swiss and MiFID II reporting requirements to provide market participants with a fully comprehensive global reporting solution

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