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ICE Trade Vault North America

Regulatory dynamics make the timely and accurate reporting of trade data to global regulators a critical compliance and operations function. That is why Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) offers ICE Trade Vault, LLC to provide direct access to market infrastructure.

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Through the ICE trading platform and clearing houses, as well as ICE eConfirm and ICE Link, workflows and trade data reporting requirements are simplified for market participants for reporting to the U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


ICE Trade Vault enables firms to meet their reporting obligations under the Dodd-Frank Act for the commodity, credit, foreign exchange and interest rates asset classes. ICE Trade Vault accepts trade submissions directly from reporting parties, as well as through third-party service providers. ICE provides direct access to the core energy and commodity market infrastructure, making it the most qualified swap data repository for those markets. Through the ICE trading platform and clearing houses, as well as ICE eConfirm, ICE simplifies workflows and trade data reporting requirements for market participants, helping customers achieve efficient and cost-effective compliance with evolving regulations.


  • Leverages connectivity to a range of market infrastructural institutions, including Designated Clearing Organizations, and Swap Execution Facilities.
  • Utilizes established connectivity for counterparties to submit data to ICE Trade Vault, thereby enabling market participants to submit with minimal modifications.
  • Offers market participants the ability to fulfill global regulatory reporting obligations via a single report.
  • Distributes real-time trade data to market participants and provides historical data for online viewing and access.
  • Features a high-performance, scalable data warehouse and reporting platform.
  • Provides valuation data reporting, the generation of unique trade identifiers, and the standardization of reference data.
  • Process & store millions of confidential trade records daily without incident
  • Systems developed & operated by in-house staff of 500+ technologists
  • Deep knowledge of financial & physical markets with strong governance