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Financial Resources

The following details the size and composition of the financial resource package available in the event of an ICE Clear Credit clearing participant default.

  • ICE Clear Credit's current margin on deposit is $53,830,000,000. In the event of a default, only the margin of the defaulting clearing participant and defaulting customer (if applicable, and subject to segregation laws) may be used for default management
  • In the event the resources of a defaulting clearing participant are insufficient to cure the default, the below financial resources are available to ICE Clear Credit
ICE Clear Credit (Designated Corporate) Contributions $50,000,000
ICE Clear Credit Clearing Participant Default Insurance$75,000,000
Clearing Participant Required Guaranty Fund Contributions$3,326,000,000
Minimum Total Assets Available$3,451,000,000
  • ICE Clear Credit's financial resources additionally include assessment powers as detailed in ICE Clear Credit Rule 803(b)
  • The above listed CDS Initial Margin amount represents the U.S. Dollar value on deposit, including excess collateral, after any applicable haircuts
  • The above listed Guaranty Fund amount represents the U.S. Dollar requirement and does not include any excess collateral posted
  • All figures above are current as of September 30, 2023 and are rounded to the nearest $1 million

Quantitative Disclosures