ICE Clear Singapore

ICE Clear Singapore provides secure, capital-efficient counterparty risk management and post-trade services for the Asian derivatives market. As part of our strategy to provide clearing services in the regulatory jurisdictions where you do business, ICE Clear Singapore is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


Digital Assets »

The Bakkt Bitcoin (USD) Cash Settled Monthly Futures contract offers market participants a cost-efficient tool to hedge or gain exposure to bitcoin without the need for physical delivery or reliance on the unregulated bitcoin spot market.

FX »

The ICE Futures Singapore Asian cross-currency futures contracts, including the ICE Futures Singapore Mini U.S Dollar Index® offer market participants effective hedging tools against foreign exchange risk.

Energy »

The ICE Futures Singapore Mini Brent Crude Futures, Mini WTI Crude Futures and Mini Low Sulphur Gasoil Futures contracts offer market participants effective tools for hedging price risk. These contracts are cash settled.

Equity Derivatives »

Trade the top of the tech with the mini NYSE® FANG+™ Index Futures contract, which provides a low-cost hedging mechanism for Asian and global market participants.

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