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ESG Company Data

ICE’s ESG Company Data provides granular data on companies that is collected and quality controlled by ICE, to offer continuously updated information on ESG risks and opportunities. The data covers a comprehensive set of datapoints such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, board and workforce diversity. A proprietary security mapping service allows the data to be available across a broad range of fixed income and equity securities.

  • 560+ data attributes and indicators
  • 16,000+ entities*
  • 1.4+ million fixed income securities and 33,000+ equity instruments
  • Continuously updated data as it is disclosed by companies

*Includes direct entities and subsidiaries

  • Security linkage: With experience in researching corporate structures though our ICE Business Entity Service, our data is linked to individual fixed income and equity securities using ICE’s corporate hierarchy entity data. This allows users to analyze data at the individual investment level.
  • Regulatory data: To aid in compliance with SFDR, we offer the SFDR Principle Adverse Impact (PAI) solution. Provided in conjunction with RepRisk, ICE offers continuously updated input values for mandatory corporate SFDR indicators and can provide optional indicators.
  • Quality data collection: Data is sourced and quality controlled through our dedicated team of reference data specialists. We aim to provide extensive and continuously updated coverage of multiple data sources.
  • Controversy data: To provide greater transparency into the risks of public companies, we offer controversy data from RepRisk, an ESG data science company. This risk-focused data set provides detailed metrics related to how a company manages its business, based on third-party, publicly available sources external to a company.
  • BofA ESG Meter™: We provide access to the BofA ESG Meter™, a quantitative assessment, created by BofA Securities using ICE’s ESG Company Data, which rates a company’s ESG performance relative to its peer group.

ESG data framework


  • Emissions reduction targets
  • GHG emissions
  • Renewable energy
  • Toxic air emissions
  • Waste
  • Water efficiency


  • Benefits
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Employee training
  • Human capital
  • Operational performance
  • Product quality and safety


  • Board profile
  • Board skillset
  • Business ethics
  • Compensation
  • Ownership and control
  • Sustainable development goals

Winners of ‘Best ESG Company Disclosure Provider’

The ESG Insight Awards 2023 recognize outstanding performance by the vendors of data and technology solutions to the financial industry, with a specific focus on ESG, Data Management, Trading Technology and RegTech. The awards included over 20 categories of ESG solutions and ICE is proud to have won ‘Best ESG Company Disclosure Provider 2023’.

ESG Insights Awards 2023

Explore the four motivations driving usage

Data is key to the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) revolution. Access to granular data can help boost transparency for market participants. Unfortunately, 63% of U.S. and European asset managers say a lack of quantitative data inhibits their ESG implementation.

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