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ICE Datacenter Migration

ICE would like to update all clients and partners on the planned infrastructure changes for ICE's trading, clearing, and fixed income platforms. Migration timelines have been published for all of the businesses listed below.

Data Center Migration Timeline

ICE Exchanges Customer Readiness Survey

ICE Exchanges

  • ICE Endex
  • ICE Futures Abu Dhabi
  • ICE Futures Europe
  • ICE Futures Singapore
  • ICE Futures US
  • ICE NGX Trading
  • ICE Swap Trade


  • ICE Clear Credit
  • ICE Clear Europe
  • ICE Clear Netherlands
  • ICE Clear Singapore
  • ICE Clear US
  • ICE Link
  • ICE NGX Clearing

Fixed Income

  • CreditEx
  • Fixed Income Clearing
  • ICE BondPoint
  • ICE ETF Hub


  • CalRock Brokers
  • ICE Chat
  • ICE Benchmark Administration
  • TradeVault/eConfirm
  • Platts Markets

The data center migration will consolidate the disaster recovery systems mentioned above from Atlanta, Georgia, to the ICE-owned, world-class data center in Mahwah, New Jersey. In addition, technology across all production and test systems will be refreshed.

ICE's data center relocation will start in Q1 2022. To see the updated timelines for the Businesses and Platforms please visit

The ICE trading, clearing, and fixed income systems' disaster recovery sites will be relocated from Atlanta to ICE's data center in Mahwah. In addition, non-production systems will move from Atlanta to Mahwah and will be refreshed along with production systems in Chicago, US & Basildon, UK. All application URLs and IP addresses will be updated as part of this effort.

No changes are planned for NYSE Systems or ICE Data Services Systems.

In addition, Bakkt & ICE Data Derivatives (legacy SuperDerivatives) systems will have changes independent of this project.

It is important to note that connectivity and colocation networks are not changing as a part of this initiative. Customers will be able to reach both current and new systems, via different IP addresses, over existing connections.

As new infrastructure will be deployed, applications will be accessed via new URL’s and IP addresses across the public internet, ICE Global Network, and colocation. This will allow systems to be tested ahead of launch dates without impacting current production. Applications will have staggered launch dates with test dates requiring customer and partner participation ahead of go-live.


What is the impact of this move in general?

What is the timeframe for the move?

Which applications will be affected?

Will testing be available and when?

What are the new IP Addresses/Ports/DNS names we will need to connect to? Will a 1-1 mapping be provided?

Will notifications be sent out/How do I sign up to receive them?

Will this include changes to any ICE APIs or specifications?

Will IP restrictions and allow lists remain for existing clients?

What options are available if a firm cannot move over in time?

Will FIX API latency/RTT be affected for co-located customers?

Are new connectivity points required for private line or IGN clients?

Who are the contact points for each application?

If customers need assistance for any aspect of the migration they should send a support request to [email protected].

To receive future migration updates please log into the ICE Subscription Center and subscribe to “Alerts” for the appropriate businesses. The Alerts subscriptions are along the right side of the subscription page.

Data Center Migration Timeline

ICE Exchanges


Fixed Income