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Vantage provides a way for you to better understand evaluated prices within the context of a broad range of relevant market information, including public and proprietary market data inputs used in the evaluated pricing process. These inputs appear side-by-side with our evaluated prices in a single display, and feature our assumptive data and proprietary market color. This includes anonymous trades, quotes, dealer runs and market posts, along with publicly available FINRA TRACE® and MSRB data.

Key features

  • Graphic displays of daily and historical market data and trades alongside the ICE Data Services evaluated price
  • An innovative "Market Depth Indicator" that quantifies the number of market data sources and the number of quotes provided per source
  • A comparable bond feature that helps to identify and analyze securities with similar characteristics
  • Highlighted market events, activity, tolerance reports and other information
  • Reference data including terms and conditions
  • A Trade/Cover Summary that provides MSRB and FINRA TRACE trade and cover activity statistics
  • Evaluated price and spread history
Visualize key transparency data