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ICE Channel Partner Exchange

Q1 2024

ICE Channel Partner Exchange

Welcome to the first quarterly edition of 2024; we’re excited to kick off the year with our Channel Partners at the forefront of our mind. Check out our latest product enhancements, market insights and don’t forget to read “Get to know the ICE team” featuring our new President of ICE Fixed Income and Data Services, Chris Edmonds.

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New products and enhancements

ICE Launches Service to Help Identify and Monitor Entities and Securities Subject to Financial and Economic Sanctions Programs

ICE’s Associated Obligor Service provides the underlying obligor for each municipal bond covering 1+ million live active municipal instruments, tracking new issues and secondary market activity. This data, available via ICE Apex Delivery, brings a clearer view of the entity securing the deal and the revenue source repaying the debt which helps support diversification and pre-trade selection. Obligors help clients identify the exposure to credit risk of issuers/borrowers and the sources of payment/pledged revenues.

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ICE Consolidated Feed adds cryptocurrency options

We've added cryptocurrency options data to our ICE Consolidated Feed, giving our customers exclusive access to order book data and quality price discovery for cryptocurrencies as the market evolves. This addition follows the launch in 2018 of our Cryptocurrency Data Feed, offering real-time information and data on over 100 cryptocurrencies from more than 30 globally sourced venues and exchanges.

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Solution spotlight

ICE Size-Adjusted Pricing for fixed income - Data for rapidly evolving markets

ICE’s Size-Adjusted Pricing (SAP) is intended to be used by clients to help value fixed income transactions and/or holdings that are smaller than the institutional round lot position represented by ICE’s fixed income evaluations (typically 1MM or greater current face USD or local currency equivalent). SAP’s utility covers a wide range of applications across the front, middle and back offices:

  • Trading - greater insight by security, market, side, and size to assist in making trading decisions.
  • Oversight - assists firms by providing an independent data-based metric to perform internal review processes.
  • Indicative values - helps firms value a wide variety of positions or transactions by taking into consideration size and trade direction.


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April 16 – 18 Women's Bond Club (WBC) Breakfast
April 17 - 19 SimCorp Global Summit
April 29 - May 2 FOCUS 2024
May 7 - DKF 2024
May 20 – 23 FIX Nordics

Get to know the ICE team

Chris Edmonds

Chris Edmonds

President, ICE Fixed Income & Data Services

What is your role at ICE and how long have you been with the company?
I joined ICE in 2010 to run our clearing house for credit default swaps. I have had the honor to oversee Product Sales, all clearing house and risk teams, the marketing and communications teams and currently serve as the President of Fixed Income & Data Services.
Where do you see the most opportunity for ICE Data Services in 2024?
As the velocity of markets continues to grow, the demand for data is increasing exponentially. Adding to this demand is the need to support automation and large language models. This, in turn, makes our unique data sets increasingly valuable. Specifically, our sustainable finance and mortgage data sets are not available together anywhere in the world but ICE. I believe both of these markets are foundational to the future of trading markets given their impact on correlated markets.
Can you share a fun fact about yourself?
My wife and I have been married for nearly 29 years. When we got married I said I would never need a passport. Clients have forever changed that proclamation, as I now regularly travel the globe to meet our diverse client base.

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