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The Changing Face of Municipal Bond Markets

The municipal bond market has historically been challenging to navigate. In a fragmented sector, financial data can be scarce, and pricing can be opaque. Electronic trading is changing that. By making bond data more widely available and digestible, these systems can offer significant efficiency gains via greater transparency, improved inventory management and access to a wider range of liquidity pools and counterparties.

Modernizing the muni market

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Executive summary

ICE Bonds, together with The Bond Buyer and Arizent, surveyed municipal market bond participants about where they find liquidity and the protocols they use. Results suggest that barriers to adopting electronic trading for municipal bonds have receded, as the industry recognizes the ways in which digitization can enhance relationship-style trading that has dominated the asset class.

In this whitepaper using research insights from industry peers, learn:

  • Which trading protocols are poised to become more dominant
  • How firms plan to boost their use of electronic protocols
  • How access to electronic platforms can support better trading results

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