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Opening up trading opportunities in Asia: ICE Clear Singapore to Provide Automated Trading Services in Hong Kong


May 2023

Maria Levanti Headshot
Maria Levanti
President & COO
ICE Futures Singapore,
ICE Clear Singapore

In an expansion of ICE’s remit in Asia, ICE Clear Singapore (ICSG) has been granted automated trading services authorization by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong. The approval allows ICSG to accept Hong Kong-based clearing members, allowing a larger pool of customers to trade and hedge futures on ICE Futures Singapore.

Fresh off the re-opening of the Hong Kong market post-Covid, the authorization comes at a timely moment as investor and market momentum is rebuilt in Hong Kong and Greater China. With business picking up, Hong Kong-based brokers are looking to target customers in North Asia. With access to ICE Futures Singapore, these brokers can offer their customers a cost-efficient way to hedge against risks associated with energy, FX and digital assets.

ICE Futures Singapore offers mini or micro formats of global benchmark futures contracts, such as Mini Brent Crude Futures and Micro MSCI Index futures that are tailored for the customer base in Asia.

The Mini US Dollar Index® Futures gives investors in Asia-Pacific a chance to express a view on the greenback. Based on the ICE Futures U.S. Dollar Index® Futures contract, the future is a measure of the USD’s strength against a basket of six currencies from the Japanese Yen to the Swiss Franc and can be used to monitor currency risk as inflationary pressures continue to be watched closely by investors.

On the energy side, IFSG customers can access ICE’s benchmark Brent crude futures contract, which accounts for pricing of roughly 80% of global crude and finished 2022 as the largest commodity futures contract in the world as measured by notional USD, via cash-settled Mini Brent Futures. The mini futures give traders access to a contract 10 times smaller than the flagship Brent contract with no membership or market data fees.

ICSG is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, providing capital-efficient counterparty risk management and post-trade services for the Asian derivatives market.

Learn more about our product offerings or apply for clearing membership at ICSG.