ICE Clear U.S.

Established in 1915 as the New York Cotton Exchange Clearing Association, today ICE Clear U.S. provides secure, capital-efficient counterparty risk management and post-trade services across a wide range of asset classes. To help mitigate systemic risk and protect the interests of our clearing customers, ICE Clear U.S. holds margin and guaranty funds including our own contribution (“skin-in-the-game”) and is a CFTC-registered Derivatives Clearing Organization (DCO).


With roots dating back more than 100 years, ICE Clear U.S. continues to serve the risk management needs of the softs market. Its cleared products include benchmark contracts such as Sugar No.11, Cotton No. 2, Coffee “C” and Cocoa.
Expanding on our presence in the cleared CDS sector, we applied our innovation in credit risk management to the futures market. Working with Eris, ICE launched a cash-settled futures contract that replicates the economics of credit default swaps. It clears here at ICE Clear U.S. and is a valuable complement to our equity index contracts.
Equity Derivatives
Equity derivatives cleared through ICE Clear U.S. include more than 20 futures based on MSCI geographic, sector and factor indices across emerging and developed markets, and Russell equity index futures and options.
Forex (FX)
ICE Clear U.S. offers capital efficiencies through the cross-margining of related products within a group of nearly 60 cross-currency futures. This group of futures contracts includes several emerging market currencies and the U.S. Dollar Index.
We offer clearing for unique products in the precious metals market including mini-silver and mini-gold futures and options contracts designed through customer feedback.
Digital Assets
ICE Clear U.S. clears the BakktTM Bitcoin (USD) Monthly and Daily Futures contracts which trade on ICE Futures U.S. The secure, regulated infrastructure offered by Bakkt mean that for the first time, price discovery and settlement of Bitcoin contracts will be set without reference to unregulated spot markets.

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