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ICE Front-End Clearing (ICE FEC)

A single user interface, offering functions to view and manage trades (update, split, group and adjust), transfers (create, accept/reject and modify), allocations (create, modify and reverse) and claims (accept/reject, update and re-allocate).

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Extensible Clearing System (ECS)

Provides functionality for position maintenance (including close-outs), options exercise and delivery, in addition to cash and collateral management.

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Managed File Transfer System (MFT)

Provides access to all clearing reports and data files (formerly AFTS).


ICE communicates with its payment banks by using the SWIFT communications network and standard form payment messages, which facilitates a high degree of straight-through-processing to the payment bank providers.

ICE Service Community Website

All Documentation relating to ICE's Clearing Systems is available on the ICE Service Community site. This information is only available to registered users. The ICE Service Community site has a space dedicated to ICE's Clearing Systems which can be found here. If you are not already registered on the ICE Service Community, you can sign up here.

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