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North American crude oil grades

As the most liquid and leading platform for trading global crude and refined oil markets, ICE provides hundreds of oil futures and options contracts, including a wide range of North American grades.

Today, around half of the world's oil futures are traded on ICE, which includes futures and options on Brent crude, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude, Gasoil, Heating Oil and RBOB Gasoline as well as hundreds of additional grades.

Featured crude contracts

Brent crude futures

Crude oil is one of the most widely used and actively traded commodities in the world. The ICE Brent crude future is based on a basket of waterborne North Sea crude grades known as Brent-Forties-Oseberg-Ekofisk (BFOE). Thanks to its broad accessibility and ability to continuously evolve such as the incorporation of new grades, Brent has become the global crude oil benchmark. Today, up to two thirds of the world’s oil is priced relative to the Brent complex and open interest for ICE Brent futures and options represents more than 4 million contracts.

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WTI crude futures

The ICE West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Light Sweet Crude Oil futures contract offers participants the opportunity to trade the highly liquid U.S. crude oil benchmark in an electronic marketplace. ICE WTI futures and options trade in a highly liquid, electronic marketplace alongside ICE’s global energy portfolio which includes the world's most significant oil benchmarks from the U.S., Europe and Asia. These contracts trade and clear on a single platform and through a single clearing house, providing margin offsets and capital efficiencies to customers around the globe.

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