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Equity contracts performance

Product CodeTickerJul 23' ADVYTD ADVOpen Interest
FTSE 100 Index FuturesZZ A92,884121,964553,774
FTSE 100 Index OptionsESXUKX32,57738,9441,791,382
FTSE 250 Index FuturesY2YBYA7211,90629,433
FTSE 100 Dividend Index FuturesXZUKDA7071,734150,735
MSCI Emerging Markets Index FuturesMMEMESA107,212147,7241,082,062
MSCI EAFE Index FuturesMFSMFSA29,52250,495381,316
MSCI EM Asia Index FuturesASNANSA2621,89041,825
MSCI Brazil Index FuturesMCGMCBA7001,31126,255
MSCI ACWI Index FuturesMMWMWAA15048210,627
Climate & ESG
MSCI World Climate PAI Index FuturesMVRMRPA6921311,387
MSCI World ESG Leaders Index FuturesLFWLFWA421685,517
MSCI EM ESG Leaders Index FuturesLFMLFOA552837,438
MSCI Europe Climate PAI Index FuturesMVTMTEA26613,889
Micro FANG+ Index FuturesFNGFNSA6,0016,8783,609
Single Stock Derivatives

Products highlights

Amended Block reporting times for ICE Futures Europe Block Trades

Effective Aug. 8, 2023, ICE Futures Europe has amended the reporting time requirements for Block Trades. It has been decided to standardize the policy across all contracts and strategies to 15 minutes. Circular 23/119. This will support customers to report trades to the exchange in a timely manner and avoid confusion of multiple timing rules.

View the circular

MSCI World Real Estate NTR Index Futures

Reminder: After expiry of the September 2023 MSCI World Real Estate Index Futures (PCC: MWS), the contract will be delisted. Position holders are encouraged to transfer existing positions the new MSCI World Real Estate NTR Index Futures contract (PCC: MWC / BBG SCCA Index).

View the circular

Single Stock Options

ICE Europe offers Single Stock Options on over 400 names from 14 countries covering the largest Blue-Chip names listed in the U.K. and Europe. ICE’s Single Stock Options offer full flexibility in terms of options styles - American or European, and in settlement - cash or physical on expiry dates.

All the contracts are traded and settled in their local currency. ICE offers competitive fees for Block Trades and fee caps are also available, which provides certainty on absolute exchange and clearing fees. The 2023 average daily volume (ADV) is currently running at 113k lots, which is up 104% YoY.

Micro NYSE FANG+ Index Futures

Tech and tech-enabled companies continue to be a key driver for the stock market this year. The NYSE FANG+ index with its 10 tech-related components is up by about 76% year-to-date This outstanding performance has been driven by several factors including: the widespread enthusiasm for artificial intelligence, lessening concerns about a possible recession, and the anticipation of a slowdown in interest rate hikes.

Micro NYSE FANG+ Index Futures continue to be actively traded by a wide range of participants. Trading volume averaged over 6,000 contracts per day in August.

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FTSE 100 Options

MSCI Global and MSCI Climate

ESG Index Futures

Micro NYSE FANG+ Index Futures