Single Stock Futures & Options

Simple and efficient alternative to trading company stocks

ICE is the leading venue for Single Stock derivatives on UK shares, with over 100 Single Stock Options on UK blue chip stocks listed on the central order book. In addition, ICE also offers Single Stock derivatives contracts spanning multiple developed and emerging market geographies and currencies globally, available via ICE Block.

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Exercise style (American or European)

Expiry day (between one day and five years)

Settlement type (cash settled or physical)

Choose whether to publish, delay or keep trades private

Product offerings

Single Stock Futures
  • Unmatched geographical and currency coverage, covering over 870 underlyings from 24 countries in 13 currencies View more
  • Only Exchange in Europe to offer Dividend Adjusted Stock Futures, an innovative leverage product that minimizes dividend risk with over 720 underlyings from 26 countries in 14 currencies View more
Single Stock Options

Extensive range of Single Stock Options with coverage of over 420 underlyings from 16 countries in 7 currencies

  • 107 UK Single Stock Option contracts View more
  • Flexible Single Stock Option contracts available via ICE Block View more
  • Dedicated liquidity providers support on screen and block prices in our UK Single Stock Options View more

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