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Exchange & Market Data

We formed ICE Data in 2003 because we knew exchanges were natural producers and disseminators of information based on the price discovery role they play. New data is created every day inside our markets, and that information is used to inform trading and risk management decisions throughout the lifecycle of a transaction, whether that spans microseconds or comprises a long-term hedging strategy.

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Transparent insight into our proprietary markets

With 13 global exchanges across ICE and NYSE spanning 9 asset classes including equities, fixed income, and commodities, data is continuously created in our marketplaces and distributed in a range of formats. From transparent access to real-time and historical activity to daily indices, forward pricing curves and direct access services, efficient access to information enables you to trade, manage risk, and distribute data to meet a range of objectives. We offer scalable, flexible access to proprietary data from ICE and NYSE exchanges and clearing houses to meet your unique business needs - whether that includes trading, managing risk, distributing quotes, meeting regulatory requirements or just generally better understanding markets.