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Trading Schedule - Oil, Utilities & Agricultural

Trading Schedule - Fixed Income, Equity & Indices

Trading Schedule — All IFEU Contracts (Excel version)

Christmas and New Year Trading Hours 2023

ICE Futures Europe policy on trade adjustment and cancellation detailing Exchange controls, the investigation process including factors considered in the decision making process and definitions explaining Exchange parameters.

This document provides a comprehensive list of the No Cancellation Ranges, Reasonability Limits and Interval Prices Limits for all of the available Futures and Options contracts on ICE Futures Europe.

This list shows the time of contract expiry and the day on which the contract expires for many contracts traded through ICE Futures Europe.

See the most recent designated settlement periods, futures unofficial settlement duration and volume thresholds for futures and options contracts traded through this market.

Markers are a way of enabling customers to manage their price risk more effectively in the physical markets throughout the trading day. See our list of daily markers.

The ICE platform has functionality called self-trade prevention functionality (STPF) that can assist participants in preventing violations of wash trading prohibitions. See how it works.

Understand how the latest Self-Trade Prevention Functionality operates.

Legacy Self-Trade Prevention Functionality explained. This functionality has been superseded by New STPF and will be deprecated in due course.

TAS allows a trader to enter an order to buy or sell and eligible futures contract during the course of the trading day at a price equal to the settlement price for that contract or a number of ticks above or below the settlement price.

The TIC allows a trader to enter an order to buy or sell an eligible futures contract at a price expressed as a differential to that days midpoint of the bid and offer quotations for the relevant closing day price assessment as published by ICIS.

Stop orders will rest in the market above or below the current market price for bids and offers respectively. See how they work with ICE contracts.

This list outlines the minimum and maximum quantity lots for futures traded this exchange. This information is provided in a downloadable Excel format to make it easy to save for future reference.

View this FAQ document for guidance outlining the ICE Futures Europe requirements for the identification of traders.

See the required permissions and restrictions for pre-execution communications, guidance about the executions of orders resulting from pre-execution communication and how they can impact your account.

This document describes the emergency settlement procedures in an effort to provide greater clarity and certainty around the processes undertaken by the exchange to formulate both settlement prices and tradable marker prices in the event of a system outage or market suspension.

This document provides guidance on the Error Correction Facility and the circumstances in which an error correction may be submitted.

Member guidance

MiFID II Member Systems and Controls Document (Non-Transaction Reporting).

Off-central limit order book

ICE Futures Europe policy relating to Block Trades and Asset Allocations.

ICE Futures Europe policy relating to the EFP, EFS, EOO, EFRP and Basis Trade facilities.

Position maintenance

Members must ensure that they manage positions promptly and with due care and diligence, whilst complying with exchange rules at all times. See our guidance on position transfers.

This document contains a summary overview of the cut-off times when completing position maintenance for the calculation of open interest for a trading day.

This document provides information regarding ICE Futures Europe's Position Management Controls.

Get a complete list of position, expiry and delivery limits for ICE Futures Europe contracts so you can easily make informed decisions.


This form should be used to apply for a delivery limit exemption for soft commodity contracts listed on ICE Futures Europe when one member holds the position that is the subject of the application.

Companies who wish to apply for an exemption from the Delivery Limit for certain physically delivered energy contracts should fill out this form with the relevant information and submit the completed form.

To apply for an exemption from energy position limits, you’ll need to fill out this form and include a detailed commercial rationale for requiring the exemption.

To apply for an exemption from the Brent or Dubai 1st Line expiry limit, you’ll need to fill out this form and include a detailed commercial rationale for requiring the exemption.

Position reporting

This document provides technical guidance to members using the MFT service to upload electronic Position Reporting Large Trading Files (LGTR) for position reporting purposes.

See how position reporting works at ICE Futures Europe from a technical perspective and learn about the process for using our managed file transfer (MFT) system.

All required records must be submitted together in a single file. Each record is 80 characters long. This document shows the specific record format.

ICE Futures Europe thresholds for Reportable Positions to be contained in the daily Electronic Large Trader File ("LGTR") and Volume Thresholds to be used for account identification.

This document outlines the Exchange’s Ownership and Control Requirements with respect to account identification.

Contract information

This downloadable Excel file provides a list of contract details in respect to single stock futures and dividend adjusted single stock futures under contract rules QQQQQ, RRRRR, UUUUU and VVVVV of the ICE Futures Europe regulations.

Take a look at a comprehensive list of contract specs for all MSCI index derivatives traded through ICE Futures Europe and ICE Futures U.S.

The ICE Block Equities Contract List is provided in a downloadable Excel format so you’re able to easily save this information for future use.

See our current list of liquidity providers and vacant places. This list is provided in a downloadable Excel format to make it easy for you to use for future reference.

UK Emissions Auctions
ICE was appointed to host emissions auctions on behalf of the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) following the announcement from the UK Government in December 2020 of the launch of the UK ETS.

ICE is bringing price discovery and transparency to the carbon credit market by connecting a global network of high-quality developers with a wide range of potential buyers, all hosted on state-of-the-art trading infrastructure.