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Part 3

Global Sustainability

How ICE Indices Can Help

The rise of sustainable investing has been fueled by a growing awareness of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Alongside this, many investors want to have a positive impact.
Global Impact Bond Issuance

What are the different types of ICE Sustainability Indices?

Green, Social, & Sustainable Bond Indices
Corporate ESG Indices
Climate Transition & Paris-Aligned Indices
Global Carbon Futures Indices

Helping ESG Investing Flourish

As the demand for ESG investments rises, so will the need for benchmarks that support the creation and management of portfolios.

A broad suite of sustainable indices will help investors:

  • Promote climate change mitigation
  • Aim for positive social outcomes
  • Overweight companies with better
  • ESG risk scores
  • Pursue low carbon investment strategies
  • Filter out certain business involvement
  • Track the price of carbon

Sustainability Indices

Backed with a rigorous methodology and detailed ESG data, these indices help make ESG strategies actionable.

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