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Environmental Markets
Part 1

Environmental Markets

Helping balance the carbon budget

Meeting a goal of net zero carbon emission involves limiting the use of the world's finite carbon budget to meet a 1.5°C pathway.

Achieving net zero

Change how we utilize energy and transition to less carbon-intensive fuels.

Put a value on the conservation of nature or "natural capital" and carbon sinks.

What are environmental markets?

Environmental markets facilitate the pathway to net zero by valuing externalities, such as;
What are environmental markets?

Environmental markets and the energy transition

Environmental markets can drive the transition to cleaner energy sources by ascribing a cost to pollution and putting a premium on renewables, to change how we use energy. The UK illustrates how market-based mechanisms and policy can reduce carbon-intensive fuel from the mix. In 2013, the UK government introduced the Carbon Price Support mechanism to complement the emissions cap and trade program price signal and weaken the investment case for coal.

Environmental markets and the energy transition

How environmental markets are advancing net zero

As governments increase their commitments to net zero, carbon prices are rising toward a level that required industries to decarbonize and meet those goals.
How environmental markets are advancing net zero

Managing risk and opportunity

Everyone is exposed to climate risk which means it needs to be measured and managed. Balancing the carbon cycle will be critical to managing the world's budget. Markets are providing greater access, liquidity and opportunity in the supporting net zero ambitions.

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