ICE Global Network offers a variety of timing solutions in its Colocation and Hosting centers, allowing customers to efficiently monitor market activity and timestamp their order flow.

  • NPLTime®: Traceable & Accurate Timestamping for MiFID II Compliance; disciplined by the UK National Physical Laboratory and available in the London metro area. Learn more about NPLTime®
  • Precision Time Service (PTP): GPS-based solution for customers looking for precise synchronization accuracy.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS): Receive time services via a direct feed from GPS antennas.
  • Network Time Service (NTP)

Based upon location, timing services are available for customers hosted by ICE Data Services or taking their space and power services from the local facilities operator.

Country NPLTime® PTP (GPS-based) GPS NTP
350 Cermak U.S.
Aurora U.S.
Basildon U.K.
Equinix FR2 Germany
Equinix LD4 U.K.
Interxion London U.K.
Mahwah U.S.
Telehouse East U.K.


We offer a timing solution disciplined and certified by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the United Kingdom’s National Measurements Institute and Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) timekeeper, fully compliant with MiFID II RTS25 requirement.

NPLTime® is available in the London locations supported by ICE Global Network via a simple cross-connect or via access circuits in the surrounding London Metro area. The service is unique in offering our clients a time signal that cannot be disrupted by outside interference, is certified to meet the MiFID II timing traceability requirement and can be implemented quickly over dedicated infrastructure.

NPLTime®: The benefits

MiFID II RTS25 Compliant
  • Traceable, certified and auditable with timing granularity of +/- 1 microsecond to UTC
  • Use NPL data records to simplify your regulatory obligations
Outsourced Monitoring
  • Continuously monitored by NPL leveraging end-to-end fiber connectivity
  • Storage of data for seven years and available on request for regulators
Additional Benefits
  • Inherent synchronization across multiple locations for improved arbitrage opportunities
  • Easy on-boarding process, choice of resiliency level
  • Not susceptible to jamming, spoofing, solar storms and urban “canyon effect”
  • Delivered in PTP, the industry-standard format