ICE Proprietary Data

Real-Time Market Data

View Only Subscription

Our View Only service is a subscription to the web based ICE Trading Platform providing real-time access to trading activity across our Futures Markets. A View Only subscription enables you to review and analyze real-time trading and full depth of market activity. You can also customize the profile with your own choice of markets and products.

View Only Features and Benefits

  • Live market quotes - bids, offers, trades and volumes
  • Depth of market. View the Level II order book and all bids and offers posted on ICE markets
  • Portfolio filters allow you to set up to view and follow a customized list of contracts
  • A trade ticker at the bottom of the screen provides a history of the day's price activity
  • Timestamps allow you to see when a bid or offer was entered or when a trade was executed

Trading Subscription

ICE Trading Participants have a subscription to the ICE trading platform. Users have additional entitlements such as the ability to place orders, execute trades, manage credit limits, and sync to an Excel spreadsheet for expanded use and flexibility of the live data.

ICE Data has a number of authorized distributors of data for our ICE Futures exchanges. These distributors offer varied services covering real-time, delayed and/or end-of-day pricing data, along with other third party data, analytical tools, news services and more.

ICE Authorized Quote Vendors

License Our Data

Public Display

Customers who are interested in displaying delayed ICE pricing data in the public environment including websites, electronic media and television broadcasts must contact ICE Data for approval.

Public Display Agreement

Become an ICE Futures Vendor

An ICE Futures market data quote vendor is licensed to redistribute ICE Futures exchange data in various forms:

  • Real-time continuous streams
  • Real-time snapshots
  • Delayed continuous streams
  • Delayed snapshots
  • Sell historical time series and tick data

Derived Pricing

Permission to use ICE pricing data for the purpose of creating a derived object, either where the pricing data can or cannot be reverse engineered, is considered on a case-by-case basis.

ICE Enterprise Reporting

The ICE Data End of Day (EOD) Reports contain unique and exclusive data sourced directly from the marketplace for trading participants. Information in the reports is obtained solely from trading activity on ICE. Absolutely no guesswork, subjectivity or assessments are involved. These reports are available via email and a secure downloads website with full report history available.

Market Price Validation (MPV)

The ICE Data Market Price Validation (MPV) Service is a consensus-based price assessment providing validation of ‘non observable markets’ for forward over-the-counter (OTC) swaps, options and exotic products.

The ICE Data MPV Service operates under the philosophy that the best possible valuation of a contract is derived from a consensus of internal valuations across core market counterparties who are actively trading a particular contract.

ICE Reference Data

The ICE Reference Data subscription provides comprehensive data coverage across all our futures exchanges. The daily service standardizes the cross-reference materials from various sources and streamlines the data into one intra-day XML feed. Reference data can help achieve business efficiency throughout the trading cycle, meet regulation policies, and assist risk analytics for potential trading in new markets.

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