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Sustainable Finance Data

A sharper focus on sustainability means institutions and finance professionals are looking beyond traditional analysis to assess risks and opportunities, and are factoring in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into their decision-making.

ICE offers a range of cross asset sustainable finance data and tools that provide a comprehensive view of ESG issues across the market to help you uncover opportunities, manage risk, and provide transparency to your client.

ICE Sustainable Finance Data Use Case:
BofA Securities

Explore the four motivations driving usage

Data is key to the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) revolution. Access to granular data can help boost transparency for market participants. Unfortunately, 63% of U.S. and European asset managers say a lack of quantitative data inhibits their ESG implementation.

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Climate & Capital Conference Session Replays

We held the inaugural Climate and Capital Conference at the New York Stock Exchange, an ICE exchange. The event - hosted by ICE, Gitterman Asset Management and FINTECH.TV - brought together industry leaders to discuss climate strategies and opportunities. Sessions and resources available on-demand.

Climate Risks - Beyond the Physical

Climate transition risk has significant implications for the global economy and financial sector, affecting every asset in investment portfolios and bank loan books worldwide.

Climate risk and U.S. fixed income fundamentals

We used our data to look at how property values, population growth and mortgage delinquency correlated with higher climate risks.

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