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Transforming global benchmarks

Access to accurate, reliable information is essential to the integrity and everyday functioning of global markets and the economies which they support. Benchmarks form a vital part of this ecosystem, helping market participants to assess the value of assets and make informed business decisions with confidence.

As one of the world’s most experienced administrators of regulated benchmarks, ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA) is leading the way in benchmark reform. We are evolving benchmarks to ensure high standards of data collection, calculation, publication and surveillance. By establishing comprehensive and robust governance and oversight functions, IBA is enhancing benchmark integrity in order to give market participants confidence in the information they depend upon.

IBA also operates a crowdsourcing platform for asset risk data, used to support standardized margin calculations under the ISDA SIMM (Standard Initial Margin Model). This is underpinned by the same principles of procedural excellence and strong governance as our benchmarks.

Please read IBA’s benchmark and other information notice and disclaimer.

Licensing & Data

ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA) provides transparent, fair and sustainable access to the benchmarks for all users. IBA licenses the use or redistribution of the benchmarks on a commercial and reasonable basis, to help set standards of fairness and transparency in benchmark distribution and licensing.

IBA benchmark data is available on a real-time, intraday or delayed basis through redistribution partners. For LIBOR and ICE Swap Rate, intraday data is available 4 hours after original publication time and delayed data is available 24 hours after original publication time. For LBMA Gold Price and LBMA Silver Price, intraday data is available 4 hours after original publication time and delayed data is available at midnight London time.

Clients wishing to use or redistribute IBA’s benchmarks require a license. Further information on the types of licenses available can be found below.

Governance & Oversight

ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA) is authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to carry out the Regulated Activity of “administering a benchmark”.

IBA has a majority independent board, comprised of both independent non-executive and executive directors.

IBA also maintains oversight committees for its benchmarks, which include representation from the market, industry bodies, benchmark contributors and infrastructure providers. See our individual benchmark pages for further details on our oversight committees.

IBA is a private company limited by shares, registered in England with company number 08457573. IBA’s registered office is at Milton Gate, 60 Chiswell Street, London EC1Y 4SA, United Kingdom.

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