A comprehensive index solution

Enhance your investment processes with an integrated index solution. ICE Data Indices, LLC (IDI) is a leading provider of indices across all major asset classes with over 50 years of experience providing high quality solutions. Dedicated to innovation and flexibility, IDI also offers calculation services, analytics and customized solutions to help address the demands of a changing investment landscape.

A deep index offering.
Spanning all major asset classes.

Fixed Income »

A wide range of indices covering the global bond markets, including broad investment grade, high-yield and emerging markets.

Real-Time Fixed Income »

Live updates for a number of IDI’s flagship fixed income indices, giving investors a first-time view of broad bond market performance throughout the day.

Equity »

A large number of thematic and sector indices, along with a new family of indices providing broad coverage of the U.S. market.

Sustainability Indices »

A range of solutions for fixed income sustainable benchmarks that account for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in addition to other criteria.

Custom solutions »

A flexible platform that supports custom index provisioning and provider support for self-indexers and other third-party calculation services.

Commodities »

Indices tracking production weighted baskets of the most liquid commodity futures contracts and the new Global Carbon Futures Index.

Currency »

A group of indices that measure the performance of currency baskets, including the popular ICE U.S. Dollar Index (DXY).

U.S. Residential Mortgage Rate Lock Indices »

The indices track the average rate at which new residential home loans are locked each day using data from ICE Mortgage Technology - offering a timely, data-driven indicator of U.S. mortgage rates and forward-looking insight for lenders and investors.

ICE Index Platform

The ICE Index Platform (ICE IP) provides full access to the entire historical index and constituent database for IDI bond and convertible index families – an inventory of approximately 6,000 standard and custom indices.

ICE IP enables you to view and download current and historical index performance data and statistics, run profile reports segmented across multiple attributes and set up and manage automated data feeds to your back office. The platform also includes the ICE Custom Model for designing, back testing and creating custom indices.

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