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Message from our Chairman & CEO

Dear Fellow Stakeholder,

As a global market operator and data provider, investors rely on us to facilitate price discovery and risk management across asset classes around the world. At our core, we bring transparency to global markets. Transparency drives greater efficiency, encourages broader participation and levels the playing field. Transparency has the power to transform markets, something we’ve seen again and again as our company has grown since our founding 20 years ago.

As it relates to sustainability in particular, our business enables transparency in a number of ways. From price discovery in carbon and renewable energy markets to climate risk data to helping NYSE issuers determine the right environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosures for their company, we are contributing to more sustainable investment choices across our businesses.

Our ability to do that has always rested on recruiting and developing the best employees, an unrelenting focus on solving our customers’ problems, and a daily focus on earning the confidence of our stockholders. These key stakeholders, as well as the communities where we live and work, have always been and remain important to our success.

In this year’s report, which should be viewed as a complement to the additional data available on our website, we will highlight our core areas of focus as well as our approach with each of our stakeholder groups.

As reflected in this report, we think that our greatest ability to make a difference to reduce the impact of climate change will be through the markets we operate, the data we provide, and our efforts to help investors make more sustainable choices. That said, we are also committed to reducing our own carbon footprint. To that end, we are purchasing renewable energy, renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets to mitigate energy consumption associated with our data centers, offices and employee air travel, which account for the vast bulk of our impact on the environment.

Lastly, while this report is meant to cover our 2019 activities, we’ve added a section on our response, thus far, to the emergence of COVID-19. The exceptional efforts of our team over these past months leaves no doubt that our people are our most valuable assets. I am extremely proud of their ability to adjust to working from home while seamlessly continuing to deliver for our customers throughout some of the most volatile markets in history.

Thank you for your interest in what we are doing. We continue to evolve our approach to sustainability each year and we welcome your feedback.

All my best,

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Jeffrey C. Sprecher

Chairman and CEO, Intercontinental Exchange

Chairman, New York Stock Exchange

Jeff Sprecher