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Sustainability Report

Message from our Chairman & CEO

Dear Fellow Stakeholder,

In this sixth annual report, we continue to evolve how we approach and report on ESG matters. As each year passes, we are doing more and disclosing more when it comes to sustainability. In particular this year, our report is tailored to focus on issues that are most impactful for our business and stakeholders.

By adopting new reporting standards and gathering stakeholder feedback, we strive to provide comparable ESG disclosures that shed light on the issues of most interest to our employees, stockholders, customers and communities.

Our approach to ESG reporting is to be straightforward and plainspoken about what we are doing. We aim to set realistic goals and not overstate or obscure where we are in our process. That doesn’t preclude us from being aspirational in our thinking - we know to meet the great sustainability challenges the world faces will require innovation, new technologies and out-of-the-box thinking beyond what all of us are capable of today.

On the following pages, we provide updates on steps we are taking to mitigate our carbon footprint and increase our employee and board diversity, among other important topics. We also outline how we, as a business, are helping others do the same. From the carbon markets we operate, to the ESG data we provide investors, to the ways we help NYSE-listed companies enhance their ESG disclosures - we are making a significant impact that extends beyond the walls of our offices.

Thank you for your interest in this report. We welcome your feedback as we continue to evolve how we approach and report on sustainability.

All my best,
Jeff Sprecher
Jeff Sprecher signature

Jeffrey C. Sprecher
Chairman & CEO, Intercontinental Exchange
Chairman, New York Stock Exchange

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