Areas of Focus

We think it’s important to focus on the areas where we have a unique perspective and an ability to make a material difference. Naturally, these will align most closely with our business, our culture and our stakeholders.

Our main areas of focus are:

We’re focused on increasing diversity through three pillars: our broader employee base, our board of directors and the network of companies we engage with throughout our business.
The establishment of transparent, market-based pricing systems and availability of data helps companies make decisions on how to allocate resources and invest in new technologies and innovative solutions. Through our data and technology, we help make that possible.
From strong board oversight to robust risk management to comprehensive compliance programs we integrate ethics and accountability into all of our practices, starting at the top.
The NYSE provides ESG reporting guidance and other resources to encourage and support issuers as they navigate the evolving ESG landscape, including sustainability reporting guidance as well as resources and platforms for dialogue between issuers and investors.
Financial literacy is the cornerstone of our charitable efforts. Our contributions support several innovative financial education programs reaching a range of ages and skillsets and targeting those most in need.