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Index Evolution: From Development to Delivery

Nearly $1T Benchmarked to ICE Data Indices

Our extensive global index includes over 5,000 fixed income, equity, currency and commodity indices that are trusted by market participants around the world and backed by a 50-year track record in index provisioning

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Fixed Income
  • Over 5,000 standard and custom indices
  • Spanning the global bond markets
  • Debt denominated in 43 currencies
  • Nearly 400 proprietary indices
  • Calculation agent for approximately 300 third party indices
  • First index provider to launch indices in the fundamental and smart beta space
  • Energy, Base & Precious Metals, Grains & Oil Seeds, Livestock and Soft Commodities
  • Tracks most liquid contracts, e.g. Brent, Gas, oil and others
  • Widely traded benchmark ICE U.S. Dollar Index currency index
  • 44 spot currency indices

Leveraging Powerful Data

ICE Data Indices combines leading reference data, evaluated pricing and analytics along with a track record of index provisioning to deliver index solutions for your requirements.

Custom Indices Supporting ETF Strategies

In addition to an extensive offering of standard indices, we offer a customization facility to create indices tailored to particular investment strategies.


Our index analysts will work with you to develop and backtest index specifications. If you'd like to self-index, we can provide the raw materials.


The index can be branded as an ICE index or carry your own name.


Includes the full set of performance and statistical measures that are published for all standard indices.


The Index is disseminated to a wide range of platforms alongside our standard indices.

Comprehensive Calculation Capabilities

Our global team calculates indicative optimized portfolio value (IOPV) across multiple asset classes including funds that include fixed income and hard-to-price assets. Calculations use real-time market data across a broad range of asset classes around the globe, and are generated up to every 1 second for 23.5 hours a day, 6 days a week.

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