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Market Operations

The ICE NGX Market Operations team provides ICE NGX clients with customer service and support 7 days a week and is the first line of support for your customer service needs. For after-hours/on-call support for delivery issues please contact the operations team at +1 403 974 HELP (4357).

Customer Support

Nominations, Scheduling and Backstopping

Market Operations handles the scheduling of physical traded natural gas and confirms delivery on ICE NGX hubs. To ensure firm delivery for all ICE NGX transactions, unique backstopping procedures are used in the event of a delivery failure. Failures are corrected the same gas day to ensure ICE NGX trades are the most risk-free transactions available.

Index Verification and Publication

ICE NGX publishes a variety of natural gas, crude oil and electricity indices, derived from trading done on multiple trading platforms. Market Ops performs daily processes to ensure all energy indices are accurate and verified for use by ICE NGX client base. Monthly publications based around the ICE NGX primary gas indices are constructed by the operations team and are available for all ICE NGX customers.

Price Settlements

Market Operations calculates and publishes daily closing marks (settlements) for over 20,000 natural gas, power and crude oil trading products. Used in mark-to-market and variation margin calculations these settlement marks are applied daily to all ICE NGX position held by ICE NGX clients.

Operation of Secondary Markets

Independent of the main WebICE platform ICE NGX Market Operations operates a number of secondary markets. The Alberta Watt-Exchange acts as a platform for the Alberta Electric System Operator to procure reserve power for the Alberta Market. The ICE NGX Power Auction System is another independent system operated by the Market Operations group which allows for the auction of customized electricity products.

Nominations & Scheduling

ICE NGX Transactions for physical delivery must be nominated to the respective pipeline on a daily basis during the delivery period.

Daily Nominations Schedule

Canadian Natural Gas

U.S. Natural Gas

Market Price Bands

The Market Price Band is used to handle trades in error, pursuant to Article 3.7 of the ICE NGX Contracting Party’s Agreement.

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