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Fixed Income & Data Services/Fixed Income/Fixed Income Monthly Report
May 2024

Harley Bassman: a bond market veteran sees opportunity amid the higher rates backdrop

Chris Edmonds
Chris Edmonds
President, Fixed Income & Data Services


How can we interpret key indicators around bond market volatility? Has the definition of a recession changed, and how do we read dynamics in mortgage-backed security markets? These are just some of the topics I tackled in my recent discussion with bond market veteran and Managing Director at Simplify Asset Management, Harley Bassman. Bassman is a pioneer in creating and trading a variety of derivative and structured products, including an index which is recognized as a standard measure of interest rate volatility: the ICE BofA MOVE Index. Listen to our interview below or see the full transcript here, to learn why Harley favors convexity risk over duration or credit risk, and how he views the broader macro backdrop.

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Custom indexing: a powerful way to express unique investment ideas

The application of custom indices is expanding beyond research and analysis, allowing users to address specific investment goals. In this explainer by ICE’s Dwijen Gandhi and Preston Peacock, read about how custom indexing has changed, and new tools which allow clients to have greater control.

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Fixed Income in Focus

On the latest episode of Fixed Income in Focus, Laurent Paulhac, Group CEO at Millennium Advisors, LLC, joins ICE's Isabella Bezzone to discuss the evolving landscape of the fixed income markets, from the acceleration of algo trading and automation, to the new business strategies shaping liquidity.


Navigating new liquidity requirements Down Under

Australian super funds and fund managers are bolstering their liquidity management systems as regulatory scrutiny of the area continues in the wake of the pandemic. While most asset managers appeared to navigate their way through the crisis, it raised deeper systemic concerns and lessons about liquidity risk. Read about how ICE analytics can help in this article by Jim Ou-Yang.

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ICE Bonds’ Risk Matching Auction Named Best Sell-Side Trading Network

RMA is ICE Bonds’ dealer-to-dealer sweep solution, which was relaunched in July 2023 as part of ICE Bonds’ suite of trading protocols. Offering a strong pool of corporate bond liquidity, RMA has been recognized for its user-friendly web-based interface and post trade options.

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